Wiggle creates simple cross-border returns


Wiggle was an early adopter of The Reconomy Group’s technology solution. Working together since 2014, Wiggle and then Chain Reaction Cycles, became a true champion of our solution and expanded globally by 2018. Their custom-made portal offers cycling enthusiasts a consistent brand experience, and with 55+ carriers available, returns have never been simpler. 

Since removing in-parcel labels from outbound orders, Wiggle has already seen a reduction in customer queries during the returns process and expects the new online-only experience to further reduce customer contact. 

Doug MacGrain, Wiggle Group Delivery Manager said: “We knew now was the time to put returns in the spotlight, after seeing a spike in this area. The Reconomy Group were able to provide everything we needed with a simple plug-in solution. The two big areas we see this giving us value and impact is firstly data and insights. To see what is coming back from where and why. Secondly the customer journey, moving from a paper to an online journey”.