CBRE: Angel Central Shopping Centre

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The key to the improvement was down to improving signage and engaging with the tenants.

New colour coded bins were provided and all of the bins were furnished with clear signage, detailing what can and cannot be placed in that waste streams. In addition, large stickers as can be seen in the picture above, were applied to prominent positions at the exit of all retailers demises, so that they were clearly reminded which bin was to be used for each waste stream as they took the waste out of their demise and into the waste yard.

The efforts made by the on site building management team with assistance from our team has meant that even though the centre is busier now than it was when The Reconomy Group started working with the site, in 2019 the amount of General Waste had reduced by 3% whereas the DMR had increased by 38%.

The results here show what can be achieved by giving a clear and uncomplicated message to tenants and by carefully engaging and managing them.