Supporting with its international compliance


ASOS became obligated Europe-wide following rapid expansion. Since ASOS was founded in 2000, it has grown exponentially. As a result, have become obligated under an increasing volume of legislation, including the Packaging, WEEE & Batteries legislation both in the UK, the EU and worldwide. With operations in so many countries, faced a wide variety of compliance obligations and data requirements.


The Reconomy Group’s international team established obligations & demonstrated technical know-how. Since the waste regulations differ in each country, ASOS turned to our International Compliance team, who were able to assist them with establishing their obligations across all markets. Once obligations were established, ASOS realised that outsourcing the data collection and submission would be the most cost effective solution. With many new product lines being introduced each week ASOS would have to dedicate a large amount of in house resource.


ASOS saved time and gained peace of mind. Outsourcing the administrative burden of international compliance has allowed ASOS to have confidence in their compliance overseas as they expand and develop. Obligated to make over 300 submissions across multiple territories every year, using our International Data Insights has been crucial to ensuring accurate and timely data submissions and full compliance with legislation. Regular communication with experienced and knowledgeable staff; time and resource savings; increased accuracy of submissions and the removal of administrative burdens.