Tailored solutions to help customers meet all compliance needs, with a specialist dual system for sales and transport packaging.

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Producer Responsibility Schemes

We help producers, importers, and retailers fulfill their EPR obligations with market-leading compliance schemes designed to meet relevant country-specific requirements for customers in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

Battery Takeback & Compliance

We register battery producers with the relevant environment agencies and submit data to ensure compliance. For large producers, we will also take on the legal responsibility for compliance, arranging all collection, treatment and recycling

Electrical Takeback & Compliance

We coordinate with accredited partners, providing safe containers, drawing up necessary documentation and reporting via our IT management system. We organise both the physical process and the data for submission to the appropriate authorities, which vary by country

SupplyChain Transparency

We have developed responsible sourcing compliance reporting services, which help businesses to manage all suppliers and associated data, and to meet requirements under the Modern Slavery Act, RoHS and REACH

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