An introduction to the circular economy – guide

Why is adopting the circular economy so important? How does the circular economy apply to businesses? And, what are the key considerations when going circular? In this latest edie explains piece, both Reconomy and edie answer those questions.

As part of edie’s Circular Economy Week 2023, Reconomy joined forces with edie to create a guide that not only explains the concept but provides an industry viewpoint from the Head of Group Sustainability, Diane Crowe. Diane talks about the need for a two-pronged carrot and stick approach to help pull and push businesses along this journey towards a more sustainable future.

This new guide outlines the key business considerations for embracing the circular economy and cutting down on waste. It shines an invaluable light on the importance of moving to a circular economy – its benefits for businesses and the environment, the steps we can take to get there, and the legislative environment needed to facilitate this shift.

You can download the guide here