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"Enabling the circular economy for our customers is the reason that we exist, using our technology and expertise to build partnerships that create a more sustainable world"
Guy Wakeley, Chief Executive, Reconomy Group

A transformational journey

Reconomy started out as an outsourced waste and resource management provider in the UK in 1994, helping businesses through a value-added approach that implemented best practice, on-site segregation and high recycling rates. However, as the world has changed, so have we. Constantly focusing on the needs of our customers, and staying ahead of the services they will require, has seen Reconomy transform into a global group offering comprehensive solutions to leading brands across the world that want to adopt circular economy approaches and improve their ESG outcomes.

Reconomy has focused on a strategy of technology-enablement, dynamic and accurate data for customers and dedicated service propositions for a broad range of industries. The result has been consistently strong year-on-year organic growth, which combined with strategic acquisitions that add to our overall capability, has created the Reconomy Group of today, providing services across three verticals – Recycle, Comply and Re-use – to holistically manage the full resource circle.

Our passion, innovation and customer-focus have seen Reconomy Group grow exponentially – our annual revenue more than doubled between 2020 and 2022. This puts us in a position to help even more businesses and brands across the world embrace positive change and continue to pursue our purpose of creating a truly sustainable world by conserving finite resources.

The industries we serve

Whatever your core activity is, we’ll design plans that are perfect for you using our vast experience supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes





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