Reconomy Group awarded excellence in ESG at the 2022 BVCA summit

Reconomy Group is honoured to receive top recognition for Excellence in ESG at the 2022 BVCA Summit.

Now in its third year of celebration, the Excellence in ESG annually recognises and celebrates the top private capital firms for ground-breaking work and commitment to ESG principles.

This recognition arrives after a showcasing of a strong demonstration of best practice, ESG integration, and engagement over the last 12 months of activity across the Reconomy Group.

Reconomy Group’s approach to sustainability includes its own operations, customers, and supply chain. Through continued investment in innovation, see how the Reconomy Group supports customers with their sustainability objectives here.

Head of Group Sustainability

Diane Crowe

Reconomy Group is delighted to be recognised for the Excellence in ESG at this year’s BVCA Summit. It’s rewarding to be acknowledged for the engagement and improvements across the Group that helps measure our ESG and clearly demonstrate our sustainability impact and purpose